Mineral Oil

WinField United wants to be your source for mineral oil for use in grain elevators, fertilizer plants, and feed mills. Drawing on over 30 years of experience in the business, WinField United has the supply chain and logistical expertise to fulfill your mineral oil needs. Explore how WinField United Mineral Oil can improve the safety of your facility in a cost-effective manner. 

Mineral oil is a technology widely utilized in bulk product handling in the agricultural industry. In grain and fertilizer handling its purpose is to greatly minimize dust generation which leads to an overall improved operation. 

  • Safety - less dust reduces the risk of explosions at grain facilities
  • Cost reduction- dust control leads to reduced housekeeping costs
  • Shrink reduction - less dust means more product to sell
  • Air quality - mineral oil technology improves air quality in bulk handling facilities
  • Operating efficiency - better dust control allows an increase in material handling speeds
  • Cross contamination - reduces the risk of fertilizer cross contamination
  • Fertilizer quality - reduces complaints that can come from dusty fertilizer applications
  • Uniform distribution of ingredients at feed mills
Typical application rates:
Fertilizer - 1 quart per short ton
Grain - 2 quarts per 1000 bushels